Swing Crooners

Patrick Boistier  and  Joel Hérissé  are behind this project: create a group containing the songs Crooners unforgettable and often become standards.

The repertoire  consists of covers of Frank Sinatra of course, but also Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Elvis Preley, Ray Charles, George Benson, Sacha Distel, Charles Aznavour ...
Some successes of the 70s: The Animals, Alan Price ... 
Some jazz standards allow changing sound, enjoy the musicians at their fair value, and the singer a breather.

Training is variable: starting as the duo singing, piano (pianist also playing saxophone) with the support of soundtracks or more authentic with bass, drums (mainly played with the brushes), a jazz guitar ... 2 , 3, 4 or 5 items based on the importance of the event and the budget.
We can also offer combo formula (6 players) + singer or even big band (Big Band 9, 12 or 17 musicians) + singer.                                                                             warm and refined atmosphere.


Sound clips

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